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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Indoor Barn Overview
    Our beautifully renovated and climate controlled barn features a modern 2,500 sq ft. interior with a cathedral ceiling gorgeously displaying 2 large crystal chandeliers. Windows sit just below the high ceiling to let in natural light until the sun goes down then the chandeliers, along with a sprinkling of string lights, illuminate the room. This space offers both heat, air conditioning, and multiple restrooms. ​ The barn incorporates a vintage wooden interior with a modern entry, ceiling drapery, and elegantly furnished. Create a more personal look by using your own accents and decor. ​ Seats 200+ guests and is wheelchair accessible.
  • Seating Capacity
    Seats up to 200+ guests and is wheelchair accessible.
  • Restrooms for Men & Women
    Our venue provides restroom accommodations for both men and women.

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